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Let Your Loved Ones in Spirit Comfort You

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

Whenever I speak publicly about Mediumship, I always ask the audience: Who has heard the voice of their loved ones after they crossed? How many people have smelled their loved one’s perfume, aftershave or smoke? How many people have felt their loved ones nearby? It sometime surprises me how many people have experienced just that. I think it surprises me because so few people talk about those experiences.

I know that holidays can be an especially challenging time for people who have lost their loved ones. Perhaps this year more than most, you are feeling their loss.

This week not only marks the beginning of Passover and Easter, but it’s also a personal anniversary - the first time I remember ever “hearing” someone who had crossed over.

Twenty-one years ago, it was the first Passover since my Dad had crossed, and I was attending a Seder in celebration of the holiday with my Mom at the home of one of Mom’s closest friends. The table was packed with people, most of whom I didn’t know. Our dinner table was a series of folding tables set up end-on-end running the length of a windowed, three-season porch.

Those of us sitting by the windowed wall had to file in, one by one, from the middle of the table out in order for us all to fit in the close quarters. So Mom and I were cozy and ready to go.

For those of you who have never attended a Seder, it is a family-friendly, at-home service. We say the same prayers and sing the same traditional songs every year – so much so that we tend to memorize a lot of the service.

After dinner, we were singing a traditional song called Chad Gadyah. I remember that I wasn’t really thinking while singing. I guess I was just on auto pilot.

As we began, I became aware of a voice singing directly into my left ear. The voice was singing the same song but in a different tune. The voice was the perfect combination of extremely loud and painfully off key. And the tune was one that I recognized.

I immediately started laughing out loud because the sound was ridiculous. A moment later, my brain processed what I was hearing: it was my Dad’s loud, tone-deaf voice singing the song in my Dad’s favorite tune. Tears sprung to my eyes and started rolling down my cheeks.

In the very next moment, I realized that I was making a spectacle of myself. People were staring at me – the crazy woman who burst out laughing and then crying for no apparent reason. Mom looked concerned. And I was pinned behind the table with no ability to excuse myself.

After shuffling out from behind the table, Mom pulled me aside and asked me what was wrong. I told her that I had heard Dad singing in my ear. What can I say? She looked dubious.

After that incident, we never spoke about it again. I suspected that Mom thought I was delusional. But I never doubted that my Dad had made himself heard. I felt he was saying, “I’m still here!”

Not in that moment or for many years to follow did I ever imagine that one day I would deliver messages from those in the Spirit world to their loved ones on this side of the veil. I knew then that my Dad was communicating with me. And everything that I have encountered since then has confirmed that our loved ones can still make themselves known to us from the other side of the veil.

Every once in a while I think about hearing my Dad singing to me – with me, and I wonder if maybe the message he was trying to convey to me wasn’t just “I’m still here” but, perhaps, also “This is Who You Are.” Thanks Dad, and Happy Passover.

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